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Always Central Campaign

Campaign Update

With just over $38 million raised to date, the Always Central Campaign for the University of Central Oklahoma has met every goal except one - Old North. Old North is where this university began and with it closed for more than 10 years now, just under $3 million needed to open her doors again has never been more important. Each day we meet alumni who remember her past. They remember running through her halls, meeting their future partners and discovering their professions. Old North has been present throughout it all. Now is the time we honor our past by opening her to the future. 

President Betz

"The Always Central Campaign seeks to create unique opportunities for UCO and its students for years to come. Harnessing the generosity of our alumni and friends in an unprecedented way, the UCO Foundation is gathering resources to address areas on our campus that will help us fulfill the vision for this university. The campaign leads us to chart the institution's future in ways otherwise unattainable. Come join us as we pursue our goals of learning, leading and serving. It is with your help that we can realize a brilliant future once unimagined." 

President Don Betz

Our time is now. UCO has embarked on the largest fundraising endeavor in university history - the Always Central Campaign. Never before have we dreamed bigger - $40 million in scholarships, facilities, teaching, programs and the future. The time has come to ask each of you to join us as we change the course of history for our university. Read more about the campaign here.

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